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Jennifer Lopez | 24 July 1970, Bronx, New York
Jennifer Lopez hit the big time when she won the lead role in the movie Selena, the story of the slain Tejano singer. She played the part so well she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Comedy/Musical Actress, an MTV Movie Award nomination for Breakthrough Performance, and won the American Latino Media Arts Best Actress award.
Jennifer was performing well before Selena, but not necessarily acting. She started her career as a dancer in stage musicals, such as the European tour of Golden Musicals of Broadway and the Japanese tour of Synchronicity, and as a dancer in various music videos. She eventually broke into Hollywood as one of the "Fly Girl" dancers on the TV show In Living Color.
After a couple of years dancing in prime time, she got a shot at acting in a few short lived telivision series. But when she starred as a heroic nurse in the TV movie Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7, her movie career came calling.
In 1995, she appeared in the critically aclaimed film Mi Familia, and the not so great movie Money Train, then in 1996 she won the part of Robin William's teacher in the comedy Jack. Then, despite having worked with director Gregory Nava in Mi Familia, she had to go through a lengthy audition to win the star role in his movie, Selena.
Selena brought Jennifer closer to the top of Hollywood, but what happened at the wrap party afterwards was just as special. Jennifer's boyfriend, Ojani Noa, propposed to her in the middle of the dance floor. The couple married in early 1997, but divorced the following year.
1997 brought many wonderful things to Jennifer. People magazine named her as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" and her movies Anaconda, Blood and Wine starring opposite Jack Nicholson, and Oliver Stone's U-Turn all did well and helped her stock rise. She then landed the highly sought after role opposite George Clooney in the hit Out of Sight.
This year you can hear her voice in the animated Antz and see her next year as the main character in the film Thieves and in the movie Imposter. She has also given out a CD called "on the six" at Sony Records.